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College Ministry

We invite you to experience the sweetness of Jesus in your life, and discover the transforming power of the cross in all aspects of your life

Settling In

As you are beginning your journey in this city where God has placed you, we can help you to settle in with all the basic essentials you need before college starts.

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We can pick you up from the airport as you arrive in Seattle.


If you are still looking for long-term accommodation, we can give recommendations on locations and neighborhoods that would serve your needs, and help find available accommodations.

Basic Essentials

We can help you to set up basic essentials that you would need as a student in Seattle, such as bank account, SIM card, bus pass, and Washington ID.

Life Together

We invite you to live out your college years in Seattle together with us, as we walk with Christ.

Friday College Ministry

We live our lives to the fullest when we understand His design in creating us, the reality of this broken world, and the hope offered by Jesus Christ on the cross. Come join us every Friday night to discover God’s Word and how it is transformative for our lives.

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We will walk alongside you through your college years, whether it is through studying together for exams, finding in-school work and clubs to be involved with in your college, selecting a major for university, preparing your personal statements and university applications, and searching for internships and job openings.

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Rest Together


We are created not only to work, but also to rest. We rest well not when we are alone, but when we rest together with God’s family. 

Special Events


Thanksgiving Retreat


During the Thanksgiving Holiday, the college students will go on a trip together to rest and build their relationship with God and one another.


Summer Camping


During the summer, the college students will go on a camping trip together to discover the beauty of God’s creation through nature and relationships.

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